SSC Preparation Guideline for English 1st Paper

SSC Preparation Guideline for English



The question of English 1st paper has changed a lot. PART-A Reading Test at number 50 and number 50 in the Writing Test has been PART-B.

Part-A was one Passage over the past year, but this year there will be two Passage.

The first seven questions will be Multiple Choice, write the correct answer with Number and Sub number.

The second question will have to answer five questions. A short answer to each question will be between the two lines.

The third question in the first set of words to write Summary of Passage –  In a short keynote speech to portray a good number if possible.If you do not mention the question of the number of words to write one-third of Passage. The passage from the second through the fourth question.

The table must require information. Information Number mentioned in the book with just the right to write, you do not need to draw table.Fill in the gaps without clues in the fifth question must be answered in one word; More than one word can not be used in any way.

Passage to choose the right words for the second reading of the well there is no alternative.

There will be two columns of Table 6, the number in question. ÈA’- parts of the column with the column ÈB’- part of the overall five Meaningful Sentence write.

Re-arrangement will also be in question no 7. Sequence according to the first column, and then look for the answers in the form of a series of Paragraph arrange to write. Part-B part of the answer to question number from 8 to 12.

Paragraph eight the number assigned to write the words mentioned in the question. The five question which will be mention in paragraph needs to have all the answers.

Many students have a misconception that the topic of the paragraph will come from English For Today book but it is not true. you will be prepared to write on any topic.The story will start in a few lines of question number 9 and will end in a way that adds new 10 Sentence exposed as a theme, the theme will not ever mention. Remember, to get the pretty good number on a story is very important and appropriate title.

Number 10 on the graph/chart or pie chart will be explained, which will make the newly added this year. Some of the data will be given to a graph, Summary or the information that it has meant that it has explained well, it will be determined to portray in words.

In many cases, the chart or pie chart can be provided. Informal Letter to write the answer to question number 11.

Friends may have no personal experience or knowledge of a letter to his father. So there are six main topics to write that kind of writing. Of course, both must fill out at the end of the text Envelope.

Dialogue must be the same as last year enter the last question. In order to maintain the continuation of the conversation between the two & people will look at him.

Each speech will be direct speech and arrange in such a way that both have the same conversation. Paragraph, Letter, be exercising regularly to get good marks.

If the answer will write with a caution, can be got A+ in English 1st paper.

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